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Helps leaders expand in their self-awareness and meet their professional and organizational goals.  Read more. . .
executive coaching Helps leaders advance self-awareness and skill sets. Each workshop allows participants to create a customized action plan and accountability.  Read More . . .
Helps organizations create a strong and diverse pipeline of female leaders via a strategic plan and metrics.  Read more. . .

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  • Dance With Your Dream: David Langiulli

Dance With Your Dream: David Langiulli

  • October 7th, 2015

You remember what it felt like to dance when you were young? That’s what pursuing our dreams should feel like. I love to connect with leaders who are “Dancing With Their Dream” – one of the seven practices of authenticity that I write about in my book Wired for […]

Week 5: Authentic Leaders Drive Innovation

  • October 7th, 2015

Welcome to Week 5 of the Authenticity@Work Series. My intention for this series is to share a quick tool each week to help you lead with more authenticity, adaptability and inspiration so we can together create workplaces where we bring the best of ourselves and inspire others.
In last week’s post we discussed […]

Dreaming Big Can Kill You

  • October 6th, 2015

Lean In. Play Big. Dance with your Dream. Everywhere I turn I hear these motivational phrases…Yes, that last one is mine.  Here’s the truth no one tells you…

Dreaming big can kill you!

At least that’s what it feels like in this moment. I find myself paralyzed and stuck…in fear. Technically […]

What Our Clients Say

“Henna’s goal of helping others to become stronger leaders is evident in her executive coaching. Her intuitive nature helps her quickly get right to the heart of what development is needed for each person while working to enhance existing skills and talents, and enriching their global mindset. She has successfully coached members of my team, producing immediate and long-term results.”
Larry Darrow, President, Global Business Services, UPS
“Henna was a great coach to one of my high performing executives. She quickly developed a sense for how to relate to this individual and where the high impact learning edges were. Together Henna and my executive accomplished a great deal. I would not hesitate to call Henna again. She was great!”
W.E. “Chris” Lowe, President Coca-Cola North America
“Henna helps C-level executives like myself be more effective and productive leaders by getting us to tap into our strengths and directing that self-realization to all facets of our professional and personal lives. In living to our full potential as well rounded individuals we then can bring out the best in our teams.”
JuE Wong, CEO, Strivectin Operating Company