MissionOur mission is to create long-term partnerships with organizations to help them develop, promote and engage their women leaders.  We help these organizations tap into the best that their diverse talent has to offer by helping leaders step into the power that comes from authentic leadership.  Our goal is to create more transformational leaders who drive breakthroughs in innovation, engagement and growth in the world.

Our belief is that diversity of perspective and experience in teams helps teams be creative and solve tough challenges.  We want to enable the women on these teams to believe in and express their voice powerfully to allow teams to reach their potential.

Founding Principles

My company is built on the following premises:

  • Organizations want to learn how to powerfully engage all leaders, including women. Retention of women leaders is particularly challenging as more women than men opt out.  In order to retain women, organizations must understand what motivates them.  For example women are motivated more by their ability to have impact than their status in the hierarchy.
  • Women exhibit more often some of the top skill sets required for 21st century organizations – skills such as participative decision making, inspirational leadership, individualized recognition.
  • Diverse teams with both men & women leaders drive greater innovation. It is important for women to speak up in these teams
  • Unconscious biases still exist in organizations that prevent women from being as successful as men. This 2012 study from Yale among scientists proves these unconscious biases still exist today.
  • Women entrepreneurs have a unique role to play in not just growing their businesses to fuel global economies but creating role model organizations that better serve all stakeholders. A Goldman Sachs study shows that women direct up to 90 percent of their income to community infrastructure and improvement, whereas men reinvest 30 to 40 percent of their income on this.  Studies from the World Economic Forum confirm a strong correlation between an increase in gender equality and an increase in gross domestic product per capita.

Facts – The Business Case For Women

Why Women Make Great Leaders – www.onlinemba.com

  • Fortune 500 companies with three or more women in board positions created a competitive advantage over companies with no women on their boards in the following three areas: Return on Sales: 84% advantage; Return on Invested Capital: 60% advantage; Return on Equity: 46% advantage. Source: Catalyst.
  • In 2012, women represent only 16% of board seats in the US according to this Catalyst study. They hold only 14% of the Executive Officer positions in the Fortune 500 in the US.
  • Numerous studies have found 30% to be the “tipping point” where women’s presence is broadly measurable, including McKinsey & Company, and Catalyst (2007).
  • McKinsey & Company’s 2008 Women Matter Study shows that women exhibit on average more of the behaviors that are critical to success in the marketplace of today and the future.
  • Women’s presence in groups makes the group more intelligent. (Harvard Business Review, 2011)
  • In this 2011 study of over 7,000 managers, the authors found that women scored higher on 12 of 16 leadership measures.
  • One European Commission study showed that 58 percent of the companies with diversity programs reported higher productivity as a result of improved employee motivation and efficiency, and 62 percent said that the programs helped attract and retain highly talented people.
  • MIT study found that the number of women in a group increased it’s ability to cooperate effectively to harness the collective intelligence of the group.
  • Harvard Business Review article showing that women are rated higher in 12 of 16 key leadership competencies across 7,000+ leaders evaluated.
  • The Athena Doctrine by researcher John Gerzema concludes a study of 60,000 people in 25 countries indicating that “female” leadership traits exhibited by either gender are critical for better organizations and a better world.

Bottomline, diversity of talent impacts the bottom line and investing in your female talent pays back.

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