Coaching is truly what I believe is my calling. What I love about my coaching work is helping leaders to:

  • Dig deep and get to know themselves (their leadership purpose, strengths, values, impact that they are inspired to make)
  • Discover how they can be more agile and effective in the shifting challenges they face
  • Find how they can overcome the ways that they sabotage themselves
  • Be more grounded and confident in who they are authentically
  • Move purposefully toward the impact they are inspired to make in their organizations

After working with me, they:

  • Have a much clearer view of themselves as a leader with a greater mission
  • See and accept themselves both in their strengths and their short-comings
  • Are more agile to change and ambiguity
  • Better equipped to meet the goals that are important to them
  • Communicate with greater clarity, confidence, and courage
  • Have clarity on a career path that will help them be successful and fulfilled

Each coaching engagement is customized to the needs of the individual client. Typical coaching engagements last 6-12 months with about 2 meetings a month with the client.  For clients that are local to Atlanta GA, pending schedules, most meetings are done face to face at the client site. Otherwise, meetings are a combination of face to face and on the phone/Skype or Facetime. The coaching process follows three phases:

1) Engage

  • Drive clarity of goals and success measures for the individual leader being coached and the organization.
  • Understand organizational context and connect with key stakeholders in the process.
  • Align the goals of the organization and the leader being coached, and understand motivators for the leader.
  • Ensure strong environment of trust between coach and leader (via strict confidentiality in coaching conversations).

2) Empower

  • Use assessment tools and 360 feedback interviews that I personally conduct to understand the leader’s strengths and potential derailers. Share feedback with leader to expand self-awareness.
  • Align with the leader (and stakeholders as appropriate) on new competencies that need to be developed as well as key strengths that will help them achieve their goals.  Help the leader discover mindset and skill set gaps and create a set of new leadership behaviors and practices to help the leader be even more effective in their role.
  • Work with client to create their development action plan and personal leadership brand to inspire them to make the changes they will need, to realize the impact they want to make.
  • Introduce client to relevant Whole Body Leadership ™ practices that the client can start to practice to create change.

3) Energize

  • Work with client to create action plans after each discussion focused on the coaching objectives.
  • Work with the leader to measure progress (as appropriate) via an on-going pulse survey using the Stakeholder-Centered Coaching model, proven to have a 95% success rate.
  • Connect at mid-point and end of coaching engagement with meeting between client & client’s manager.
  • Work with client to create a tool-kit and development plan for sustained success at the end of the coaching engagement.
  • Conclude with a final meeting with coaching client, their manager and other key stakeholders to “hand-off” the development process.

Coaching Testimonials

What differentiates me as an executive coach:

  1. Twenty years of business experience in Finance, Marketing, Sales and General Management (including managing P&L’s of up to $600MM) gives me perspective on the challenges faced by senior level executives.
  2. Global experience and mindset: I have lived and/or worked in seven countries across three continents.
  3. Experience driving organizational change and transformation.
  4. Expertise on the unique issues faced by women leaders
  5. Focus on Whole Body Leadership ™ (expansion of self-awareness, mindfulness, neuroleadership) and people leadership & influencing that provide lasting tools for leaders to sustain their development beyond the coaching engagement

Client Coaching Criteria

I have 3 clear criteria that I use to select my clients for fit. These are as follows:

  • Client has a significant challenge where they are stuck, or a major opportunity to impact the organization
  • Client is willing to be accountable. External shifts require shifts within ourselves.
  • Client is willing to take action and follow through on commitments made.

If you have further questions on my coaching philosophy or methodology please contact me.