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Emotional Intelligence

Why We Need Authenticity in Workplaces

Beware of zombiesI was at a speaking engagement last week and the next day received the following letter from an attendee. To me it speaks of the very personal experience of a former corporate leader and why she left her workplace. I share this letter with you because I want us to engage in a conversation about why authenticity is so needed in workplaces. In my upcoming book Wired for Authenticity (June 2015) I share neuroscience data showing that authentic connections with one another in our workplaces are good for our health (our immune systems, our stress levels, our cardiovascular health). They also create inclusive environments where innovation and engagement happen. Read on for Mary’s experience of inauthenticity in her workplace.

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To Lead with Emotional Intelligence, Pick a Daily Practice

Juggling stressDo you find yourself in high-stress mode these days? Corporate restructuring?  Change that happens faster than our capacity to absorb it? More work than most of us can handle? No wonder most of us find ourselves off-kilter.  As I have personally discovered, and recommend to many of my executive coaching clients, there is one leadership practice that is indispensable in these times.  It is finding time every day to rebalance and center to our most emotionally intelligent selves.  Whether we are preparing for a tough negotiation, managing an impossible workload, juggling work and personal commitments, leading in uncertain times, or striving toward our most important goals, having access to our most wise and present self is critical to success.  Here is what I recommend to my executive coaching clients for a daily practice.

Stressed Out? Stop Managing Time

Time ManagementDo you find yourself running at an even more frenzied pace during the holiday season? I do.  So, as I looked at my bottomless to-do list and deadlines fast approaching, I wondered how I could better manage my time.  I had an epiphany. I realized that our obsession with managing time has actually resulted in time managing us.  I realized that my perspective that I am time-starved is actually stopping me from being effective as a leader at work and at home.

Many of us are stuck in a perspective that how we manage our time determines how effectively we lead or how effectively we live our lives.  Here’s what we’re missing.