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My Leadership Lesson in 2014

As I sGoodbye-2014-photoat down this week to write a blog post about taking stock of the year, helping us all think about accomplishments, failures, learning, I found myself rather uninspired. I started, and stopped – multiple times. It wasn’t until I happened to visit a friend in the hospital that I was truly inspired to write this post – because it gave me a glimpse into what really matters as we take stock of our year and our leadership. Shelley is a cancer survivor – for the fourth time. Here is her story and what I learned from the experience.

Hire the Best Executive Coach for Free

Inner CoachLet’s say you’ve got an issue. You’re stuck. Lost your mojo. Have an issue at work you don’t know how to deal with. Want some great executive coaching? How about we give it to you for free? Let’s throw in some additional perks: clarity, self-confidence, balance, purposeful action. How about we give it to you 24/7? Meet your new executive coach: your inner Wise Self.  In my executive coaching work, my goal is to help clients really connect with their inner executive coach.  It doesn’t sound like a great business model to work myself out of a job, but it’s one of the most important ways for my clients to achieve the results they want in a sustained way.  Connecting us to our inner wisdom helps me live into my purpose.  So I decided to share this process with our blog community.  Read on to try the five steps to access your Wise Self.

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How High-Powered Women Redefine Power

Forbes Women SummitIn May 2014, I had the opportunity to be part of a group of about 50 women leaders from across the U.S. who met in New York City for a salon dinner as part of the Forbes Women’s Summit. Among us we had Carly Fiorina (former CEO of Hewlett Packard, at one time the only female CEO in the Fortune 50), the newly announced CEO of the AARP, Jo Ann Jenkins, senior executives from IBM, Microsoft, Costco, McKinsey, CEO’s of technology start-ups as well as major non-profits. Here is how this group of high powered women redefined power.

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