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Ten Biggest Mistakes We Make on Linked In

Biggest mistakesI was at a speaking engagement about creating our personal brands and asked the participants how many had a Linked In profile. About 50% raised their hands. I asked how many felt really good about their Linked In profile. About 3 people kept their hand up.  If you’re in business, the people you want to connect with are checking you out on Linked In. Here are the ten biggest mistakes many of us make on Linked In.  Do any of these apply to you?

Five Steps to Rebuild Your Personal Brand

rebuilding-trustDo you have a personal brand?  Trust me. We all do. “It’s what they say about you when you’ve left the room”, says CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos. What if what they’re saying about you is killing your career?

I had an executive coaching client who was absolutely brilliant.  She could see several steps ahead of anyone else on strategy, was the go-to person when the impossible needed to be done and no one had the guts to do it. There was just one tiny issue.  In her focus to get the job done, she left bodies in her path.  This was preventing her from getting additional bodies reporting to her. While she had made good progress in this area, she couldn’t shake off the bad reputation.  Many of us have skeletons in our personal brand closet we’re not even aware of.  How do we rebuild trust? 

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