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Vice President & General Manager, E. W. Scripps

I was the very fortunate recipient of a coaching engagement with Henna. It was truly transformational for me in terms of how I ultimately viewed what it is to be a leader, and more importantly how I acted as a leader. She is extremely skilled at keeping these sessions on-point and focused on the short and long term goal. She is willing and able to challenge you to look within, to counter the long-held ways of behaving and reacting, and opening your mind to a much more positive means of addressing issues, and leading an organization. I literally would hear our discussions in my head as I would find myself approaching a situation much differently than I had for the bulk of my career. It was very rewarding personally and professionally to see the positive impact of changing how I viewed and reacted to situations. It opened my mind to being much more strategic versus simply reactive. Ultimately, I am a better leader for it.

Michael Nurse, VP & GM WKBW-TV, E.W. Scripps

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VP Marketing, AMC Theatres

Tonya_headshotMy coaching engagement with Henna was one of the most impactful leadership development experiences of my career. She helped me develop stronger self-awareness and awareness of others, allowing me to be more effective and adaptive as a leader. Henna improved how I stretch my mind, embrace differences and welcome questions. And she reminds us we are empowered to CHOOSE how we respond in any situation, which is a powerful feeling.

Henna is a great listener with a unique ability to identify underlying influences & root causes. She quickly gets you focused on the real opportunities and aids in developing actionable plans & tools to make forward progress possible.

Tonya Mangels, VP Marketing, AMC Theatres

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Head Consumer Insights, Europe

Stefania RinelliMy company is going through an integration process and I recently worked with Henna on my personal brand in order to identify a career path for myself moving forward. Coaching with Henna is like starting a  journey in your inner self to find out what really excites and fulfills you as a person as well as a professional. I definitely recommend Henna to everyone who wishes to improve their self-awareness and have a positive impact in society by remaining true to themselves.

She has been extraordinary in helping me clarify what my purpose is based on my own passions, and how to grow my influencing skills to get there, especially in times of change.

What’s amazing about Henna is her pretty unique gift to connect instantly on the deep level, mining effectively all the greatness and richness which makes us the unique human being we are.

Stefania Rinelli, Head Consumer & Market Insights Europe, Novartis Consumer Health – Milan, Italy

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VP Marketing Food Company

I worked with Henna while I was in career transition. Henna’s experience as a corporate executive, along with her insights and counsel as a C-suite Coach proved to be a great strategy. She is a committed and passionate Executive Coach. She provided tremendous insights and tools which helped me develop a road map for my next assignment. I would highly recommend Henna. I know that anyone who is lucky enough to work with Henna will have strong results.

Jo Ann Herold, VP Brand Marketing Arby’s Restaurant Group

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VP Marketing, Fortune 100 Consumer Packaged Goods

Henna approaches coaching and leadership with the whole self in mind.  As I have looked to identify my next move in the context of my career development, Henna has encouraged me to acknowledge and leverage my strengths  vs. just focusing on the weaknesses in developing as a leader.  She has shared tools to help me discover my personal purpose and what brings me joy, as well as to think about how I can bring that together with my strengths in order to be more fulfilled at work. 

Henna is an incredibly positive force and brings joy to her work, encouraging us to focus on what brings us joy and fulfillment, in both our personal and professional lives.

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Strategy Executive – The Coca Cola Company

“I first met Henna when she was a guest lecturer for my Executive MBA class at Emory. Henna’s topic of discussion was centered around differences between men and women in the workplace and existence of “glass ceiling” in Corporate America. She also held a mentoring lunch for some of the Executive Women of Goizueta. She was absolutely amazing. Her ability to facilitate the discussion and really challenge different points of view was truly outstanding. She is clearly an experienced leader and uses her experiences to successfully demonstrate certain concepts she is trying to teach us. I also had a privilege of having One-on-One session with Henna and I got some of the best career advice during this session. She is able to be objective yet very personal when needed. I would highly recommend Henna to anybody who is looking to enhance their leadership skill, become more self-aware or just looking for a career advice. I would definitely use Henna’s services in the future.”

Suzana Keller – Strategy & Commercialization, The Coca-Cola Company.

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PowerCircle Testimonials

Testimonials from Entrepreneur PowerCircle:

“EA Women has been valuable to me because of the incredibly high quality of the other women in the group. Each brings unique skills and perspective, and I’ve found their advice to be dead-on. Each meeting, I am accountable for reporting on progress, and I get input on the next steps I’ll take next to reach my goals. Henna Inam has assembled a high-powered group, and is an excellent group leader.”


Amanda Setili, Managing Partner, Setili & Associates, LLC,


“EA Women is a diverse, smart, nurturing set of master minds. The quality of focus and the degree of empathy, candor and clarity expressed is unlike any other. It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a tight knit group of powerful women to propel female business leaders into wonderful areas above—and beyond—their wildest dreams. Strap in!”


Moira Vetter, CEO, Modo Modo Agency


“I thoroughly enjoy EA Women for many reasons.  My cohorts in EA Women bring different skills and perspectives to the table and are honest and candid with their opinions and advice.  EA Women has helped me clarify my strengths and uniqueness.  We come up with specific action plans for each other and hold each other accountable for following through with the action plan.  Because of EA Women, I feel more in control of my career development and am more confident that I will be able to achieve my goals.  Henna Inam is an effective leader.  She is capable of asking thought provoking questions that help me better understand myself.  She cares not only that we are grow professionally, but also personally.  We are serious about what we do, but we also have fun at each meeting.”

Guanming Fang, Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice PLLC

“Henna is a change agent who delivers bottom line results through innovative thinking. She is helping me set and ACHIEVE audacious growth goals. She helped clarify my strategy and strengthen my brand message. She is both kind and demanding, which is exactly what you want in a coach.”

Lisa Earle McLeod, Sales Leadership Expert, CEO of McLeod & More

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Executive Vice President AARP

Terry Bradwell“Henna joined us for a dynamic event at AARP and spoke about demonstrating leadership in changing times. She was highly engaging and dynamic, and simplified leadership challenges into more approachable and consumable content. Her presentation was “spot-on”. Henna’s seven practices that inspire leaders to action was inspirational and very beneficial to attendees.

Terry Bradwell – Executive Vice President and Chief Enterprise Strategy and Innovation Office, AARP

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VP Business Development

Lauren KolbI had the privilege to attend a Women’s Leadership Forum presented by the Rochester Business Journal in Rochester, NY.  The keynote speaker was Henna Inam.  Henna engaged the audience of over 600 women right away with her enthusiastic being and radiant spirit.

I instantly knew I was in for a treat. The first question she asked was “Who in here feels they are an authentic leader? Please raise your hand!” As I was ready to raise my hand with fervor, I suddenly refrained. I have been walking a path of authentic leadership my whole life.  For years I have formally studied and applied strategic leadership to my personal and professional endeavors. So why did I hesitate raising my hand in a room full of strangers? I unexpectedly felt my true authenticity fade because of my fear of what people would think of me.  Not the 600 people in the audience, but the table of eight professional women I was sitting with.  They were colleagues of mine and I became intimidated. My inner voice was startled and asked, “What happened?  Why didn’t you raise your hand?” Would they think I was too proud? Would they disagree with my self-professed authenticity?  Did I really want to expose my personal feelings in a public setting?

Henna had reached me in the first two minutes of what would turn out to be an incredible and inspiring message.  In that moment of self-reflection, I knew I was in the right place at the right time, but had a lot more work to do. I whipped out my smartphone, took a photo of the audience in a “power pose” from Amy Cuddy that Henna had us practice, and purchased Wired for Authenticity with one-click!  Thank you, Henna!

Lauren Kolb, VP Business Development Officer, Genesee Valley Trust Company

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Entrepreneur CEO

I engaged Henna to help me develop a plan to get my business off the ground. She not only helped me clarify my goals and focus my efforts, but she also gave me new insights into my real strengths and how I could use them to market myself more effectively.

Henna has a very “360°” approach to coaching. She understands that professional issues don’t exist in a vacuum, and that the goals and action plans you develop through coaching are valuable only if they fit into the context of how you want to live your life.

Henna is a great guide and cheerleader. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to take their career to the next level.

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