Who is the Target?

  • Organizations interested in growing female leaders who want to ensure that leadership training gets embedded (via a continuity program)
  • Organizations who would like to create a peer group of highly engaged women leaders who support each others’ growth & hold themselves accountable for new leadership behaviors
  • Organizations can be Corporations, Non-Profits, or Associations

Why A PowerCircle?

PowerCircles is a women’s only mastermind and mentoring group that raises the bar to address women’s leadership centered topics more effectively. It is facilitated by Henna Inam.

  • Research indicates that women leaders have unique leadership strengths as well as challenges
  • Creates a “safe space” for women to bring up issues they face and get specific leadership development in those areas
  • Enables women to get perspective from other leaders on how to follow-through and practice new leadership behaviors
  • Leaders hold themselves accountable for leadership goals they set and get supported by others

Program Description

A powerful 12 month program that turbo-charges the leader’s business and leadership growth plan. It unleashes energy and engagement, expands self-awareness and leadership skills. Topics are tailored to meet the needs of the group and may include:

  • Create a clear vision for impact in the organization
  • Identify and leverage your signature strengths & drivers
  • Understand your unique emotional intelligence & build trust
  • Build an authentic and powerful presence and personal brand
  • Confidently communicate vision, ideas and expertise
  • Influencing across the matrix
  • Motivate your team – powerful listening and coaching skills

Benefits for Organization

  • Creates a strong community of leaders who collaborate and invest in leadership growth
  • Powerfully engages your high potential women leaders who feel supported & valued
  • Develops strong leadership qualities among your women leaders
  • Helps women leaders learn from a powerful peer group who will support & hold them accountable to goals
  • Stronger leadership pipelines for the organization

These group mentoring programs can be tailored to be facilitated in person or via a webinar format. To receive a proposal for your organization, please contact Henna@TransformLeaders.tv.

Additional Information

Why a Women’s Mastermind Group?