I was the very fortunate recipient of a coaching engagement with Henna. It was truly transformational for me in terms of how I ultimately viewed what it is to be a leader, and more importantly how I acted as a leader. She is extremely skilled at keeping these sessions on-point and focused on the short and long term goal. She is willing and able to challenge you to look within, to counter the long-held ways of behaving and reacting, and opening your mind to a much more positive means of addressing issues, and leading an organization. I literally would hear our discussions in my head as I would find myself approaching a situation much differently than I had for the bulk of my career. It was very rewarding personally and professionally to see the positive impact of changing how I viewed and reacted to situations. It opened my mind to being much more strategic versus simply reactive. Ultimately, I am a better leader for it.

Michael Nurse, VP & GM WKBW-TV, E.W. Scripps